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Water conferences

2021: Wealth with Responsibility: How philanthropy and investment can work hand in hand with our oceans. Deutsche Bank's second Wealth with Responsibility event focusing on ocean conservation saw three leading voices gather to explain the dangers facing our oceans, the steps we must take to protect them – and how we as individuals can have a meaningful impact.

2019: Venice Biennele Film festival, Water panel with Passion Sea, UNESCO, Banca Generali SPA

2018: During Boat International "Ocean Talks", Passion Sea has the opportunity to showcase the new book "Water is Life: Thoughts of Our Generation" among people in the water research and conservation field. Great talks and initiatives by executive producer James Honeyborne of the Blue Planet II; George Gill, director of Miller Compton Maritime Ltd and of the project REV, an innovative superyacht; Vripack presents the zero emission superyacht and Plastic Solutions organizes a panel discussion.

2016: Passion Sea event, "SAVE THE SEA, WATER IS LIFE" cocktail conference during the Toronto Film Festival at the Ripley's Aquarium, Canada. Keynote speakers include oceanographer, John Englander, water activists, The Water brothers Alex and Tyler Mifflin ,dietitician Lydia Knorr and Water art exhibition by Fiona Tan.

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