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About Us

In 2015, Passion Sea started with a vision: to protect the water on this earth, nature's greatest gift. Fueled with passion and a profound call to restore this element to its original beauty and purpose, we embraced on this philanthropic journey. We focused our attention on the young generation  as being the leaders of tomorrow.  A call for action, an international art contest on the theme of water, was launched. Children all over the world participated in this project. The unique creations, voices and interest was overwhelming. We then decided to create a book from the top children's artworks and juxtapose them to thoughts, words of wisdom, knowledge and interest of recognizable figures of our times in the field of science, sports, music, arts, charity and politics. This dialog between the ages was the basis of "Water is Life: Thoughts of Our Generation." Introductory education was also integrated and is part of all our ventures: teaching about water properties, cycle, memory, rituals, protection and pollution as a foundation. 

Following personal awareness, Passion Sea wanted to focus on community awareness and communication. This resulted in two ongoing flag projects. Passion Sea Children World Water Flag, brings together children in each country toward a common goal and vision by expressing their vision on thee subject of water. Passion Sea Flag, is a new symbol of environmental behavior at sea for boats. Each flag comes with a code of conduct to love and respect our Waters. Those initiatives are bringing together children and adults alike aiming for better standards. With each program, motivation to create Change arose and led to individual and group actions on a local and global level. 

We also created products and solutions to enhance drinkable water at home. Now we are ready to continue to broaden the field of action, following our roots and expanding our branches to make impact through children education, water healing art installations, home water filtration education, water cycle quality preservation and challenges of marine pollution. 

Our team​ is composed of passionate individuals in different field of expertise, working together for a common goal. 


Water is Life. Let’s protect it!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Passion Sea advocates the respect, rehabilitation and preservation of our waters with impact on the global community. The nonprofit Organization supports and shoulders the humanitarian challenge towards restoring the quality of water on our planet through education, art and innovative solutions.

As the younger generation is in charge of the world of tomorrow, Passion Sea focuses on children in their formative years, so they become aware of the importance of protecting the seas, oceans, lakes and rivers and bodies throughout their lives. By helping them understand, appreciate and love this precious gift of nature, they become the solution and the guardians of our planet for generations.

The Earth is our home and it's a priority to preserve the natural cooling, cleaning and oxygenation cycle water provides. The imbalances occurring since the industrial revolution are impacting our lives in more negative ways than you are aware. Its Passion Sea's mission to foster innovative creative solutions as well as new standards and regulations to bring back balance to our most precious element.

Passion Sea is a dynamic force determined to restore our oceans and waters in their purest essence, to be cherished and replenished for all time, maintaining the very existence for life on earth. 

Water is the most precious source that has been given to us. Without it life on Earth wouldn't be possible. It existed long before we arrived. Over the years we have seen and treated it like it's owed, it can be sold and incorporated and without any regards. This wrongful behavior is causing deep inpact on our planet, our living situation and our bodies. People don't even understand how mistreating water is actually mistreating ourselves, our homes and our world. All the perspectives in which it affects our condition far outreaches the benefits that it is meant to provide. Education and awareness need to take place to wake up the collective mind and start creating long lasting change.

Restoring the essence of water on all levels is primordial for a more balanced life and avoid the catastrophic consequences looming in the future. We are on the edge of a detrimental if nothing is done. Passion Sea seeks for solutions and innovations as our life and that of our children and future generations depend on it.  


Meet The Team

Helga Piaget

Helga Piaget

CEO & Development 

Helga Piaget has long been a brand ambassador. Having raised two children she sees respect and conscious education as being the key for life on our blue planet. She seeks to engage children and adults alike to help change the world.


Fiona Tan

ExVP &
Creative Director

Fiona Tan is a creative mind working in the field of Transformational Living and Healing Art and a Hado teacher, sharing the research of Masaru Emoto. She has long been an advocate for water and environmental causes. She wish to help the Earth and protect water by raising awareness and finding solutions.


Sandro Piaget

Sports & Sponsors 

Director & Treasure

Sandro Piaget is a professional golfer. He has been surrounded by nature since a young age and understands the importance of protecting it. With an athletic mentality he knows how to organize events to help coordinate the mind and body.

Sonja 2.png

Miran Vamberger

 E.D. Nonprofit &

Corporate Initiatives

Miran Vamberger has a deep appreciation for our ecosystem and its underlying element, Water. As a business executive who sees Water as the Source of Life, he advocates for sustainability through developing and implementing corporate initiatives. With an engineer’s perspective, Miran recognizes the need for energizing people and planet, and so he promotes the preservation of Water through education and inventiveness.

Sonja Vidovic

Program Director

Sonja Vidovic has been an ambassador for healthy living since childhood. With a love for nature and an educational background in Health Sciences, Sonja has been facilitating a holistic and healthy lifestyle approach to personal and planetary wellness across generations. As a Steward of Water she strives to instill respect towards this most precious gift of nature through education and creativity.


Barbara Patek

Education Coordinator


Margarita Cittadini

Nonprofit Fundraiser


Maria Bologna

Press Coordinator

After teaching English, Music, Arts and Social Learning for about 20 years Barbara Patek feels certain that there is an enormous chance in sensitizing children to live respectfully and in harmony with our planet. Our children and students are the key to the future.

Margarita Cittadini expertise lies in the field of high-end luxury home living. She has long been a philanthropist on the board of many foundations. Her love for the oceans and  education make her a dedicated connector towards this mission.

Maria Bologna made her carrer in the field of media: publisher, journalist, media and event adviser/ management. She understands the importance of information, education and how to use media as a tool for communication. She has always been concerned about the future of our oceans.

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