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Meeting communities spreading Water is Life!

2019: Feminin au pluriel, Geneva, Switzerland environmental awareness event with club members.

2018: Passion Sea is in official visit to the Grand Bahama island. The Governor Don Cornish invites Passion Sea to talk about water, their book, endeavors and education. Successful meetings with Yvan Butler, Prime Minister of education, Yvonne Wand, Prime Minister of tourism. PS visits local schools with Gina Turner and Jeffrey Pinder and ecological parks with water caves are on th agenda.

2018: When in Prague, Passion Sea is having a book presentation for children in a private club; dinner gala and book presentation with the private club members; meeting and visit with Dita Baker, the head of administration of the Lobcowicz Palace for a future event.

2018: Helga Piaget talks about Passion Sea's new book "Water is Life" and raising awareness about water consumption and pollution at the Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco.

2018: Club des Leaders organize a special Gala dinner for Passion Sea in Gstaad. Helga Piaget and Fiona Tan present Passion Sea and give speeches about water, preservation, education, children and creativity. The members of the club receive a copy of the "Water is Life: Thoughts of Our Generation" book.

2018: Helga Piaget attends and gives a speech about water at the Yacht Club during the German Club Monaco Gala. All guests receive a copy of the "Water is Life" book.

2017: Passion Sea is proud to visit Postjona Caves and celebrated the birth of the baby water dragons. Those endangered species can only live in total darkness in the rest waters. Passion Sea will also lift their flag at the Caves to promote awareness about the waters on the planet.

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