Passion Sea & Hallstein Artesian Water Luncheon

WATER IS IMPORTANT, WATER IS HEALTHY ... and not everyone has access to DRINKING WATER

Phillip Muhr & Stephanie Muhr from Hallstein Artesian Water - the purest natural water in the world -

invite you to a special Lunch.

Lots of valuable information about healthy water and a delicious healthy lunch at Restaurant CASTELROC Monaco.

The occasion: water is vital

It is the most important building part of our cells and regulates the heat balance. However, not all water is the same! Learn which components water needs in order to be considered the best in the world. Taste the water that has the perfect mineral content and is rich in oxygen.

The host: Hallstein Artesian Water – the purest natural water in the world.

From the Austrian 800-soul community Obertraun in the Dachstein region comes the pures natural

water in the world: Hallstein Artesian Water. The Austro-American family Muhr has been searching

for the water with the perfect mineralization and highest purity worldwide and for many years.

Co-host: Passion Sea

Passion Sea advocates the respect, rehabilitation and preservation of our waters with impact on the

global community. The non-profit Organization supports and shoulder the humanitarian challenge toward restoring the quality of water on our planet through education, art, media, communication, ingenuity combined with technology. PS inspires children and adults alike, through creativity, education, innovations and actions essential to effect a shift and change in the world. As the younger generation is in charge of the world of tomorrow, shaping its future, PS focuses on global youth in their formative years, so they become aware of the importance of protecting the seas, oceans, lakes and rivers throughout their lives. By helping them understand, appreciate and love this precious gift of nature, they become the solution and the guardians of our planet for generations.