Ocean Impact Day with MBWF Cannes Film Festival

Monaco Better World Forum announces the 18th of May as being Ocean Impact Day. Passion Sea's CEO Helga Piaget is an Ambassador to MBWF. Other organizations such as Green Peace and Aquatica join forces during the day events and workshops to become a Coastal Ambassador.

Awards ceremony Country of Honor United Arab Emirates

In the presence of His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment


SmartBlock Technologies in partnership with the “Monaco Better World Forum”

International film Festival Cannes 2019

“Ocean Impact Day” 18th and 19th May 2019

“Blockchain for a better World”

Launch of the Better World Coin project by SmartBlock Technologies.

Charities today face a number of issues.

Among those, raising funds is getting more difficult and the process remains slow.

People’s trust in charities is at an all-time low due to concerns around misuse of funds, traceability of donations, security of data and financial crime. In addition, intermediary costs remain high.

The industry needs to attract the new generations to donate via modern channels and technology to facilitate small donations which become financially effective. With Blockchain technology combined with the use of social media, the reach becomes global and lowering fundraising costs to a minimum. In addition, Blockchain brings full traceability, transparency and the best level of security.

SmartBlock Technologies’ mission is to put new technologies at the service of humanity in order to build a better world. We have developed expertise in new technologies and have key members with experience in NGOs, charities and the environment.

In a partnership with the Monaco Better World Forum, we are proud to announce in grand premiere the creation of the Better World Coin that will help address the issues mentioned before. For that reason, Monaco Better World Forum nominated Alexandre Rigaud co-founder and CEO of SmartBlock Technologies a goodwill ambassador (Alexandre is a Serial-Entrepreneur and ex-Apple employee. Tech and business background. Self-taught on coding, programming, computer engineering since the age of 12. He is a member of the UAE Ministry of Youth Council). www.linkedin.com/in/arigaud


Green Cross is setting up an Ambassador of the Coastal Day, during the Cannes Film festival on May 18th 2019. Enabling the training of 40 ocean impact ambassadors.

Keeping our ocean, islands and seashore safe is only possible by making every citizen aware of their beauties and fragility, and thrive their interest towards tangible commitments based on local sensible solutions.

This is the rationale for having Ocean Impact Ambassadors, being able to learn from the Ocean, to share their enthousiam and keys for action, and to massively activate people so that to make sure effective change is happening.

The training session is a unique opportunity for change makers, network leaders and activators, to meet, learn and share their rationale and roadmap to act in a systemic way.

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