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Passion Sea


Passion Sea advocates the respect, rehabilitation and preservation of our waters with impact on the global community to support and shoulder the humanitarian challenge toward restoring the quality of water on our planet through education, art, media, communication, ingenuity combined with technology. Educating children and 

adults alike through creativity, education, innovations and actions are essential to create a shift and change in the world. 

Passion Sea is a dynamic force determined to restore our oceans and waters in their purest essence, to be cherished and replenished for all time, maintaining the very existence for life on earth.

Passion Sea International platform offers opportunities for global connections, offering transparency and cooperation.


Passion Sea is creating, and implementing an educational program for children and Elementary schools under Environmental studies. We believe that education should be made stimulating, enriching and engaging. This program will enhance students accademic skills by enabling them to learn, grow, and become responsible, creative, productive and confident contributing members of the global community.


The learning objectives include understanding oceans and their living resources and ecosystems, developing community awareness, instilling respect for the environment, promoting development of habits and attitudes that promote and maintain healthy environment, illustrating the benefits of sustainable water management and natural resources on a regional, national, and global scale, while having an opportunity for global connections.


Passion Sea


American flag waving

Passion Sea main office is located in Monaco. Monaco is an emblematic country strategically located on the boarder of the Mediterranean Sea. Living by the Sea made it an essential factor for protecting this incredible resource. The ecosystem and richness of the Mediterranean attracts a lot of scientists. The environmental goals led by HSH Prince Albert II, makes it a destination for change and sustainable actions. 







Passion Sea

United States

       Passion Sea is a non-profit registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Florida. The southernmost state surrounded east by the Atlantic Ocean and west by the gulf of Mexico on the west. It has hundreds of miles of beaches. The coastal state benefits includes an incredible variety of habitats, including the tropical coral reefs of the Florida Keys, the unique Everglades, temperate hardwood forests, majestic rivers and thousand of lakes. These highly productive ecosystems support fishing and hunting, nature viewing, and other recreational and commercial activities.  Florida main businesses and tourism revolves around water with its favorable yearly weather.








Passion Sea


      Passion Canada is located in Toronto. Canada is home to the world's longest coastline: three Oceans and a Sea of Arctic ice. Forty per cent (40%) of Canada's jurisdictional area is ocean. It is the only country surrounded by water on all fronts. Thousands of species of fish and invertebrates, and hundreds of marine birds and mammals live throughout Canada's ocean environments.