Passion Sea Children's World Water Flags


Passion Sea Children's are creating one Water Flag per country and aim to cover the whole World.

This new initiative aims to bring awareness, education and collaboration among children towards a common goal. Children learn to shape a vision and include different point of views and solutions while fostering their creativity. 

Passion Sea aims to motivate each country in the world for a global awareness and educational project about water! Water is our most important ressource and faces many crisis at this time. We believe the children are the voice of the future and we want to give them an outlet to express themselves. 

Let's join forces and unite to create a Passion Sea for Change!

Please join our Passion Sea Children's World Water Flag initiative. 


Children (3-14 years old) collaborate on the creating a unique vision based on the subject of Water and what it means to them.

A white flag around 1,5 x 2,5 m and any materials you need will be shipped to your school/community (please provide mailing information.)

Children can use pen or paint preferably to adhere to the flag.


The flag of your country should be on the top right corner (approx. size 15 x 30 cm)

All the countries with a gold pin are countries already working on their flag. If you have connections with any schools/ affiliations in the remaining countries  please contact us using the form below if you want to join. 

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Thank you!