Passion Sea aims to educate the children of the world about the importance of water, dangers that we are facing and the solutions that are at hand.


       Passion Sea is creating, and implementing an educational program for children and Elementary schools under Environmental studies. We believe that education should be made stimulating, enriching and engaging. This program will enhance students accademic skills by enabling them to learn, grow, and become responsible, creative, productive and confident contributing members of the global community. 

      The learning objectives include understanding oceans and their living resources and ecosystems, developing community awareness, instilling respect for the environment, promoting development of habits and attitudes that promote and maintain healthy environment, illustrating the benefits of sustainable water management and natural resources on a regional, national, and global scale, while having an opportunity for global connections.

       Schools start by the education program and continue with a series of on site actions and brainstorming sessions to take part of the awareness and change that needs to happen. An introductory deck of questions and main concerns is posted below. 

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