Helga Piaget


Development Director


Helga Piaget has long been a brand ambassador. Having raised two children she sees respect and conscious education as being the key for life on our blue planet. She seeks to engage the children to help change the world.

Fiona Tan

Executive Vice President & Creative Director


Fiona Tan is a creative mind working in the field of Fine Arts, Medicinal & Transformational Art and experiences. She has long been an advocate for water and environmental causes. She wish to help the Earth and protect water by raising children awareness and finding solutions.

Sandro Piaget

Sports & Sponsors 

Director & Treasurer


Sandro Piaget is a professional golfer. He has been surrounded by nature since a young age and understands the importance of protecting it. With an athletic mentality he knows how to organize events to help coordinate the mind and body.

Lexye Aversa

Strategic Advisor &

Marketing Director

Passion Sea USA


Applying her expertise in developing promotional campaigns, orchestrating global events and entertainment productions,

Lexye's multi-faceted 

capabilities support marketing and PR platforms, while forging cosmic connections.


 Executive Director of Nonprofit 

Corporate Initiatives 

Passion Sea Canada


Miran Vamberger has a deep appreciation for our ecosystem and its underlying element, Water. As a business executive who sees Water as the Source of Life, he advocates for sustainability through developing and implementing corporate initiatives. With an engineer’s perspective, Miran recognizes the need for energizing people and planet, and so he promotes the preservation of Water through education and inventiveness.

Margaret Luce

Activist & Ambassador

Passion Sea USA


Margaret Luce is a model, actress and writer. Her diverse background on and off screen propels her to be a great ambassador for environmental causes. Her interests for water sustainability and education make her the perfect woman to help raise awareness for Passion Sea.

Sonja 2.png
Sonja Vidovic

Program Director

Passion Sea Canada


Sonja Vidovic has been an ambassador for healthy living since childhood. With a love for nature and an educational background in Health Sciences, Sonja has been facilitating a holistic and healthy lifestyle approach to personal and planetary wellness across generations. As a Steward of Water she strives to instill respect towards this most precious gift of nature through education and creativity.

Princess Maria Carolina &
Princess Maria Chiara
de Bourbon Two-Siciles

Children Ambassador


The Princesses are the voice of the children. They promote the message of Passion Sea around the world.





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