For Passion Sea's Art Contest, children from around the world have been asked to express their love and vision of water.

We are thrilled to announce the 3 Prize Winners: 

1st Prize Winner:

James Murphy, United States of America, was 4 years old when he realized this masterpiece,

1500$ Prize Winning for his education

2nd Prize Winner:

Hudson Kaplan, United States of America/ Japan, was 10 years old when he realized this masterpiece

1000$ Prize Winning for his education

3rd Prize Winner:

Tamara, India, was 7 years old when she realized this masterpiece

500$ Prize Winning for her education

In order of appearance in the book:

"Water is Life: Thoughts of Our Generation"

James Murphy, 4 years old, United States of America

Hudson Kaplan, 10 years old, United States of America/ Japan

Tamana Khan, 7 yers old, India

Princess Maria Caroline Bourbon Two-Siciles, 12 years old, Italy

Princess Maria Chiara Bourbon Two-Siciles, 10 years old, Italy

Ellie Donald, 4 years old, United States of America

Sihle Makelene, 8 years old, South Africa

Anastasia Seu, 10 years old, Monaco

Pablo Cavili, 11 years old, Italy

Zhou Dong, 9 years old, China

Anisah Offermanns, 8 years old, Germany

Sarah Darby, 10 years old, United States of America

Conrad Luce, 10 years old, United States of America

Erika Seu, 10 years old, Monaco

Ashrick Philander, 11 years old, South Africa

Hadley Nussbaum, 9 years old, United States of America

Battle Magwa, 11 years old, South Africa

Liu Bao, 7 years old, China

Jean Donval, 9 years old, Monaco

Fulbano Ali, 8 years old, India

Katja Stranzinger, 8 years old, Germany

Joshua Mayer, 7 years old, Germany

Deepa, 12 years old, India

Amy Li Fang, 9 years old, China

Lauren Bohbot, 11 years old, Monaco

Zlata Lankina, 10 years old, Monaco

Alex Smith, 10 years old, United States of America

Akanksha, 8 years old, India

Lazola Magwa, 10 years old, South Africa

Amy Benson, 11 years old, Monaco

Lucy Tosta Veiga, 10 years old, Portugal

Wang Wei, 12 years old, China

Zhang Hu, 10 years old, China

Muskan, 9 years old, India

Yogita, 10 years old, India

Filippo Ferrogina, 10 years old, Italy

Basya Serova, 10 years old, Russia

Sapna, 12 years old, India

Blake Barham, 5 years old, France

Sofia Gilardi, 7 years old, Monaco

Clara Fillery, 9 years old, Monaco

San Francesco, 6 years old, Italy

Francesca Frizzi, 9 years old, Italy

Maria Mazanova, 9 years old, Monaco

Cristina Marchesi Schlereth, 11 years old, Monaco

Ines Briere, 8 years old, Monaco


to all the selected children's artwork

who made it in the book!